Client Profile

Typical Client Profile

How does your company compare to our typical clients?

  1. Existing Client’s own commercial property
  2. In some cases, have renovations to property #1, that exceeded $250,000
  3. Clients’ property taxes exceed $30,000 annually
  4. They have or will add several new employees (including replacements) added during the year
  5. Some, not all, accept invoiced payments in the form of credit cards
  6. Many have waste and/or recycling costs exceed $30,000 annually
  7. Often, Workman’s compensation insurance premiums exceed $40,000 annually

If the answer is YES to “one or more” of these criteria, a no-cost interim analysis by our firm, will identify missed tax benefit savings, and high probability your company will yield better bottom-line profits.  Your company pays a nominal fee for our services out of “incremental savings/benefits” identified.